How to Find a Quality Pool Builder in Greenville

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If you’re considering buying a swimming pool, you are planning a big investment that requires a lot of proper planning and budgeting. You will want to choose your swimming pool contractor well so you know the work is done correctly.

Poorly constructed swimming pools have often been a source of horror stories for unsuspecting owners. Beware so that your story is a positive one rather than one of diving into the pool after all the water has seeped out in the night. That’s right, if there’s a crack in the floor all the water can seep into the ground while you sleep. Ouch, a bad diving experience and your poorly selected swimming pool contractor may never know the problems he created for you. To help you prevent such disasters, here are the five crucial things you should know before choosing a swimming pool contractor.

  1. Carry Out Your Own Research on Quality Pool Builder

Often sales people for swimming pool contractors will come with very enticing words. Don’t listen to them. Do your own research work to know whether they are telling the truth or they just want to get the contract and earn their commissions.  During your research, there will be several things to find out about the swimming pool contractor. Ask questions about their stability, availability and success. Do they have a good market presence or are they unknown in the market? Try to find their previous customers and see if they complain or if they are satisfied and happy with the work. How thorough is their work?

You also want to find out how many swimming pools the contractor constructs on a yearly basis? Find out their dark history as well. Was there ever anyone who was electrocuted in a swimming pool they constructed? If so, was it due to their negligence or the owner’s mistake? If the case went to court, how was it handled? Always have in mind that the more you find out about a swimming pool contractor the more secure you will feel when you give him the job.

  1. Consider the Certifications

A certified swimming pool contractor shows that he is a person ready to do the job. Indeed, certifications are crucial and important in the hiring process of a swimming pool contractor because they are a strong indicator of the contractor’s experience and capabilities.

Seek to find out whether the contractor has a license. If your swimming pool contractor doesn’t have such a license, you may strongly want to reconsider hiring this particular swimming pool contractor. It is also best to get a contractor who specializes in swimming pool construction instead of getting a general contractor.

  1. Consider Their Policies

Do their company policies concur with the government’s policies? For instance, the government states clearly that before someone is engaged in the provision of construction services, the individual must have general liability insurance alongside worker’s compensation insurance.

General liability insurance is meant to insure any persons who might be harmed by the pool constructed whereas workers compensation insurance covers the workers of the swimming pool constructor against any harm they might encounter during their work.

Knowing whether the contractor’s policies require insurance coverage enables you to have the confidence that you will not be liable to pay for any damages caused during the construction period.  It will also give you the confidence that the contractor has fulfilled his obligations under the law and is acting legally.

Also, know the type of building permit that the constructor holds and the building permit that is intended for your swimming pool. Such a permit should include the contractor’s business license details. Check to see if the swimming pool contractor’s policies will be able to take care of accidents caused by their own neglect during the construction period.

According to the policies of the swimming pool contractor, do they offer after sale services? Are they the ones who will maintain the swimming pool or will you be required to seek the services of another contractor? Knowing such will not only enable you to make the right decisions on the choice of a contractor but also to forecast ahead and make wise financial decisions based on their present policies.

  1. Consider the Financial Implications

Building a swimming pool is not a minor investment. The swimming pool itself requires a lot of financial planning and preparation and will need you to be prepared financially before you can even think of looking for a swimming pool contractor.

When choosing a swimming pool contractor, it is not advisable to choose simply because one offers the lowest price. As much as pricing is important, it should not be the sole reason to settle on a contractor. Good swimming pool contractors often offer competitive prices for their services.

However, your decisions will need to line up with your budget so your swimming pool construction does not start and stall midway due to lack of finances.

Concerning finances, it will be advisable to also consider additional charges for items like fencing and beautification so you will not be ambushed by expenses you overlooked.

Find out the financial policies of the swimming pool contractor and how much you are expected to pay at what time.  In this way, you will be able to choose a contractor that enables you to comfortably meet your financial obligations.

  1. Visit the Contractor’s Company

Finally you should consider visiting the swimming pool contractor’s company before you make that crucial decision.

This visit is pretty important, as it will help you access the capability of the contractor to handle the work. How many workers does he have on hold? How many projects is he handling at the time? Is he idle waiting for projects or is his itinerary full? What is the nature of his equipment? Are they modern and technologically up to date or is he using old and rusted equipment? Are the employees professionals or are they just a bunch of laborers taken off the streets? Interact with them and find out whether they really enjoy their work or they just do it for the sake of the pay. Knowing them will really help you as these are the same people that will you will deal with every day for a very long time once the contract is signed.

Also, when you are at their site, find out from the workers how long it takes them to build a swimming pool.

Finally, remember that swimming pool construction is a sensitive affair that requires the most experienced and qualified contractor.

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