Preparing Your Pool for Winter Pool Maintenance

Pool Winter MaintenanceMost experienced pool companies and manufacturers and installers recommend winter pool maintenance as opposed to closing down your swimming pool completely. Closing down your pool for the coming winter months will save you time and money in maintaining water that you can’t use, but you will have to be prepared to repair damage that could occur with your swimming pool if you do this.  Closing down your pool is not the best overall plan.  Here’s why:

  • When unused for long periods of time, your pump and motor bearings may lock and may require repair before being used again.
  • Outside temperature, sunlight, and other environmental factors may make it difficult for your swimming pool to maintain proper chemical levels, which may result in poor pool water quality that eventually impacts your swimming pool finishes and fixtures.
  • With the state of your pool water, it will take longer for you to bring it back to the right chemistry level and you will not be able to use your swimming pool as soon as you like.
  • If you properly fail to drain your pumps and filters before winter, you may risk having them freeze when the colder months hit. This will add to your work in prepping your pool for use when winter is over.

Top Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Considering the payoffs of shutting down your pool during the cold months it is the wisest thing to do.  To help you succeed with your winter pool maintenance, we offer you come tips:

If you use a mesh cover, continue operating your pump and motor throughout the winter season. You can shut down your swimming pool, but only for a short period of time as you will need to operate it longer into the fall season and open it earlier in spring.

Add chemicals regularly to your pool water to prevent algae growth. You can do this on a monthly or bi-monthly basis depending on your current temperature.

If you prefer to shut off your pump and motor, make sure you install gizmos in the skimmers, plug and blow out all lines.

Chemically treat the pool water with algaecide and increase the amount of chlorine you use to ensure nothing will grow in your water throughout the cold months.

Use a solid safety cover to minimize winter maintenance efforts. With this type of cover, you are no longer required to check on your pool regularly and maintain the pool water to the right chemical levels.

Consider using a retractable safety cover as it can double as an insulator, retaining the heat from an already heated pool.

Whatever type of winter preparations and maintenance you decide on, make sure it is appropriate for the specific type and size of your pool.

Maintaining your pool during winter is not an easy task. You will need to spend time and money. Despite this, however, you will be rewarded with an easy and smooth reopening process enabling you to immediately enjoy your pool after winter.

For more winter pool maintenance tips, or if you would like assistance, call Greenville Pool Builders now.

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